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Tailored Protection Insurance, Tax and Investment Solutions was created in 2007 with the clients needs in mind.  After 10 years in the financial services helping life insurance and financial planners analyse the products available and recommending products for thier clients, I came to realize that the majority of life insurance and investment professionals today are more concerned with selling what they were familiar with or paid the best commission, and not what was in the clients best interest. 

Today in Canada, we are blessed with some of the most unique garanteed investment insurance solutions that allow individuals to protect themselves from both a devistating life altering event such as death, illness or disability or market downturn such as we recently experienced that can cause real damage to ones retirement goals and lifestyles.  These products not only allow you to protect yourself in your most important wealth accumulating years, but even allows you to earn interest on your premiums should one day the need diminish and you decide to cash out. 

Our solution is not derived from what everyone else is promoting or who pays the best commission nor is it to pressure people into buying products using scare tactics.  Our solution is derived by what best protects a clients real needs. Whether they are single or have a family or use it in a business inviroment we don't promote Universal Life over Term or Term over Whole Life just because, each product has it's need and is vitally important to any healthy portfolio protecting your interests and preserving your assets.  Our computerized detailed report will show you what is available given your budget and let you decide what is best for you, because after all no one but you knows whats best for you!  Even if you have insurance let us take alook to see if you are over insured or or even make recommendations to allocate funds to areas where you are underinsured without adding additional premiums.  With access to all the insurance companies in Canada we can make sure that you are protected with the most unique tailored product to meet your needs today and for years to come.

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